samedi 29 octobre 2011

Alien prisoner

Because I think we need that kind of mini for our games : captives, hostages, bounties, etc. Not sure when but I'll make others one of these days: especially a girl.

Alien template

Not too sure what to do of that guy. There are enough poor little bugs killed in the galaxy so I'm thinking about casting it for personal use and make civilians on dioramas or terrains. I just know I need to remake his head.

Alien bystander

Or perhaps some sort of prospector or explorer. I'm adding a close-up of the face because it doesn't show well on the montage considering his pose.

Thing from the past

My first alien and actually miniature with 1:100 in mind. Available at Critical Mass Games.

Thanks to Critical Mass Games for letting me use the picture of their very cool painted version.

Khurasan mariner

samedi 22 octobre 2011

Alien interviewer

Or perhaps some sort of auctioneer or slave merchant.

Heads tests 7

Again some heads for my "federal" troopers. I hope this isn't too boring for you. Hopefully I'll post something else soon.

vendredi 21 octobre 2011

Heads tests 6

More heads but this time with necks. I've made collars so the heads could be oriented at will.

Also, a few doodles of aliens with some sort of a generic design for their helmets. Tomorrow I'll post another try.

mardi 18 octobre 2011

Heads tests 5

More alien heads for my "federal" troopers. I have so many in the works and so want to make a bazillion of them I think I'll need to see that kickstart thing.

Heads tests 4

Human heads for my "federal" troopers. For some reason,the montages aren't as big as I had hoped so here are a few individual close-ups.

Thing from the past

A flying monster I made for Khurasan's eldritch range but I think it might be used for space opera too..

Heads tests 3

More heads for my "federal" troopers.

Heads tests 2

More heads for my "federal" troopers.

Heads tests

Some heads for my "federal" troopers.

mercredi 5 octobre 2011

Federation armor (template for a project)

I have tried several times to make a generic armor for a "federation" but let me know what you think about this one please. It needs touch-ups but do you like the style? I have several heads ready on a sprue and of course it will have variations for some aliens anatomies .That's why the hands aren't made for example. Also,the forearms gear will change depending on the soldier. Needless to say the guys will be posed in action. Tho I like all kinds of poses but well,that's not the topic.

On the left ,a titan marine from Rebel Minis and the right ,an ARC trooper from Critical Mass Games. Thanks to them for allowing me to use their minis for size comparisons

Alien little savage

Here's the last of the group: 7,5mm top of skull.