mardi 25 février 2014

Indiegogo live

I've just launched an Indiegogo project for the Alien Shocktroopers Squad:

Please spread the word. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

lundi 24 février 2014

Guys with glasses

Made those ones last year for an upcoming company called Anvil Eight Games (AEG? :D):

That one had his pose changed from the drawing. That's why I am not posting it.


samedi 22 février 2014


Here's the Frelon (Hornet) VTOL used by the special forces of NOFRA (Nouvelle-France).
It will be a 1:100 scale kit.
Jon from Khurasan asked a few modifications since I posted the first version and I think he was right.
I hope you like it.

jeudi 20 février 2014

Syndicate troopers

I sometimes do human faces and uniforms tho those ones have a few variations. Believe it or not, it's on purpose. 1:100 scale.

Special ninja guest star (every squad should have at least one):

lundi 17 février 2014

Painted troopers and a bit of background blahblah

j3r3m1 has been kind enough to paint my multi-specist squad for me. Sorry, the individual pictures are a bit dark.

Whole squad (so far):

1 : Dylothian federal shocktrooper with helmet

Dylothians can be found almost everywhere in the Federation so it's no surprise some of them make it into the shocktrooper corps.

2: Tabili federal shocktrooper

Tabilii shocktroopers are all criminals on their homeworld. Not only they find redemption in the corps (at least in the eyes of the Federation) but for some reason yet to be discovered, they have the lowest rate of insubordination or trouble-making among all species in the corps.

3: C' crysh federal shocktrooper

The c'crysh are an insectoïd race and as such they don't have a strong sense of individuality. Their queens send a percentage of their eggs to the shocktrooper corps and the creatures never question orders which is greatly appreciated by the officers.

4:  Nabh federal shocktrooper

Despite being among one of the most populous species in the Federation, only the strongest of nabh can join the shocktrooper corps. They make up for their short size with their remarkable eyesight and most of them get rid of the Unifier gun's visor since they don't really need it.

5:  Hent federal shocktrooper

The hent got obvious physical skills for the shocktroopers. But they are also a very intelligent race and make good officers who know how to be obeyed.

6: Lord of Xaam federal shocktrooper sniper

The lords of Xaam were the strongest species in their world before joining the Federation and they still believe it to be true. They got the highest rate of losses during training, due to friendly fire or because of brawls in the camp but the little red devils just love too much war. They are also the exception that proves the rule about the unifier gun since they are allowed to use their own rifle.

7: Majalan federal shocktrooper with comm helmet

Before the Federation came to Xaam, the majalans were considered animals by the so-called "lords"  and used as beasts of burden or mounts. They are actually highly intelligent and can be found in the corps performing all kinds of tasks from communication to command.

8: Gobarite federal shocktrooper

One of the founding planets of the Federation, Gobar has always sent valuabe soldiers to the shocktrooper corps.

9: Kurabian federal shocktrooper

Naturally protected by a carapace in addition to the standard armor issued to all shocktroopers, the kurabians have the lowest rate of losses during engagements. They also have the lowest percentage of honoured soldiers which might explain a part of their ability to survive.

10: Ovolo federal shocktrooper with combat exo-skeleton

Ovolos are worms who need exo-skeletons to meet the criteria of the corps. They rarely tell their motivations to join the shocktroopers but they must be really serious considering the price of such an equipment.

For more of j3r3m1 paintings:

mercredi 12 février 2014