lundi 14 mai 2012

Alien trooper

This one is smaller (18,5 mm top of skull) but nonetheless mean and vicious.

Pictures are a bit blurry so here's another serie without the separate head:

Next to a power armor from the same race/army/faction/whatever..

The power armor can be seen there:

dimanche 13 mai 2012

Thing from the past

Made for the Khurasan's eldritch range. It doesn't show well on the pics due to the shadow but it has many rather small folds and some kind of eye on its abdomen.

vendredi 4 mai 2012


Or perhaps some sort of cop?

This one is rather small but hey, not everybody can be a 6 feet built like Captain America right? So I tried a guy more something like 5,7 feet...and not very muscled.
Needs better pics (folds are more pronounced and I think they look better in hand) but let me know what you think from what you can see please.

Here's a shot next to a Peter Pig marine. Thanks to them for letting me use it for the comparison picture.

Alien bot

18 mm top of helmet with that new head:

mercredi 2 mai 2012


16 mm top of horns posed as it is. A bit frustrated about the blurry pics but well...

Next to (from left to right) a Micropanzer alien, a Critical Mass Games ARC fleet trooper and a Rebel Minis (Titan?) marine. Thanks to those companies for letting me use some of their minis for comparison pictures.

mardi 1 mai 2012

Steam mage

Not really space-opera but stil sci-fi. Test mini for some steampunk universe. It's leaning a bit forward but it's due to the base on the cork. It should be okay once the base is finished.