lundi 23 janvier 2012

Second tank

Tried something more "classical" with this one but next one, I'll go freestyle and hard sci-fi. You can expect tons of cannons and silly things. :D

This one is almost printable so hopefully, I'll succeed next time.

Back to putty.

samedi 21 janvier 2012

First tank

Still working on some commissions and not much to show. However, when I am not sculpting with putty, I am sculpting. with the computer or the bread... I'll spare you the food sculpts because I eat them but I can show you the computer thingies.

I am no JBR or Coolhand but it's only my second "serious" sculpt with the computer and my first tank. Not sure it is a good excuse tho. That tank is largely inspired by some video game.

It will probably never become real since there are a few issues but hopefully the experience will have taught me a couple of things and it will be possible to print and cast my next attempt.