samedi 15 juin 2013

Batt-ball humans

The amateur

The barbarian

The catcher

The champion (it now has a new head)

The aristocrat

The pro

The skeleton (dollie license from Ebob)

The starlet

The veteran (it now has a cane isntead of the bat)

Starlet comes with a choie of bats...

Painted versions by Ari Nielsson

Batt-ball non-humans

The Batt-man

The cyclops

The dwarf

The elf (think elf from legends not à la Tolkien)


The ogre

The pixie

The troll (think norwegian troll or internet troll)

The cyclops and ogre both come with two different hands.

Painted versions by Ari Nielsson

lundi 3 juin 2013

Fantasy football "norman" halfling team

The treeman had options for arms and head.


I wanted a Soshi Bantaro for Clan War since I believe there was no official mini for him.

Then I thought he really needed a shorter arm and another head and made some other versions.


Alien sensei (because I like samurai stuff and all but aliens remain my true love.

Painted by Eric Lebras and touched up by me because the kamishimo was wrong.

In case you thought I had already made a head like that, you're right:

samedi 1 juin 2013