mercredi 31 août 2011

mardi 30 août 2011

Guy with a mace

Sorry for the dust. It comes from the sanding of the base. Well, no excuse. I'll take new pics one of these days when I remake the nose and add wings to it.

Thanks to Critical Mass Games,Rebel Minis and Micropanzer for letting me use their miniatures for the comparison picture.

lundi 29 août 2011

Vött smuggler

Sho Olan started his carreer in the Vött army and then joined the federal legion a few years before the inclusion of humans in it. On the contrary of many Vötts ,he didn't resent for the loss of influence of his species within the galactic community and established ties with the humans. He soon realized that his knowledge of Vött military could be useful to breach the Earth blockade and began to bring back humans to their home for a living. Despite Sho is suspected by the Vötts and the authorities of smuggling, he has always succeeded in avoiding legal problems so far thanks to his skills or his complete lack of remorse when it comes to suppression of evidences by clearing out his passengers...

Suffering from an old wound during a brawl with a drunk Juvaab, Sho is thinking about some surgery or replacing his left eye with a cybernetic one. :D

I hope you like it since I have already made several other Vötts. Next one will be a soldier.

dimanche 28 août 2011

First human sculpt

Today I wanted to show my first 1:100 sculpt but I had already made some gremlins or rather small things at 1:56 so I thought it was more relevant to show my first human sculpt. It has been produced by Critical Mass Games for their mercenaries.

samedi 27 août 2011


This miniature has already been sold. I am not sure when it will be released. I hope you'll like it.

vendredi 26 août 2011


Or perhaps a plasma-thro...err plasma-launcher?

Thanks again to Mike from Rebel Minis for letting me use one of his products for the comparison picture. I've put some putty under the base because it was very thin and so you could have a better idea.

jeudi 25 août 2011


This miniature has already been sold. I am not sure when it will be released. It's big but I hope you'll like it.

Galactic humans

Earth fails to meet the requirements to join the galactic community and even ignores its existence so far but the humans can be found in great numbers in space.
After the Obsidian Wars, the Vötts who were the main armed force of the galactic community became increasingly powerful and demanding. To counter their ascension and because the volunteers from other species were lacking, it was decided to search for a race with the same natural abilities and taste for war the Vötts had.
The first human specimens were abducted during decades, cloned and sometimes enhanced. Far from being a slave race, the humans were given several worlds to colonize and granted the same rights in the federation as worlds or citizens.
However there are people in the federation who think that the humans are raising too many political problems like the reunion with Earth and that the integration of this planet would have been preferable to the creation of several "Earths" within the galactic community...

17,5 mm top of hair. needs a couple of touch-ups. Thanks to Rebel Minis for allowing me to use one of their miniatures for the comparison picture.

mardi 23 août 2011


The Juvaabs are 7 feet tall and despite their appearance close to countless herbivores of many worlds, they tend to be rather agressive as individuals or as a group. They were included in the galactic community after several wars but are still responsible for many incidents like the hunting of the Alakanii or the almost complete annihilation of the Z'do.
This specimen is shown in traditional hunter outfit.

dimanche 21 août 2011

The secrets of a blog and a power armor

When I decided to start this blog, I wanted to show one miniature each day. I thought about "everydayamini" ,"today's 1:100" and things like that. Then I realized that not only those blog names sucked but that I might not have access to the internet everyday. Also,other sculptors were probably making much more than one 1:100 miniature each day. :D Depending on the figures I make,I sometimes do more than once too tho...

So in order to be sure I'll be able to post on a daily basis (or at least on average),I thought about showing sculpts I made in the past. I will do that every sunday because it's the day for the lazyness.

I am not too fond of tutorials or tons of explanations about sculpting since I am not really into the technical aspects of it but more of an impulsive putty pusher. However today I thought it might be interesting or amusing for some of you to see the different steps of the making of a power armor I made for Jon from Khurasan Miniatures two years ago.

The idea was to make a group and Jon had some cool precise ideas about it. Nowadays, I still consider myself a beginner with only a few years of experience but at the time I had only made a few random 1:100 sculpts so I was really worried to fail him. Commission work + uniforms = tons of anxiety! Jon told me he was confident but also that I would make one miniature with room for interpretation and then he would cast it before I make the other guys of the team. Plus we were talking about a power armor so it sounded like tons of fun.

Here is the first version of the thing:

It was not what Jon wanted. I could easily understand as I gave a lot of importance to the word "interpretation". Not to mention that despite it was not my intention, it looked a bit too much like some "xenos" guys from the leader of the 1:56 (or is it 1:48 today?) miniatures market...Jon allowed me to sell this one to someone else so I was happy to start again.

This one was closer to the ideas Jon had described but it needed some changes. Since I have issues touching-up brown stuff , I thought best to remake the miniature and again Jon was kind enough to let me sell this one to another company.

Jon liked this one but not that much the head.

He wanted the helmet to be less round.Also he wanted the miniature to be more in movement. I told him I had done that so it could be easier to make modifications for the squad. That miniature was more like a template in my mind. He told me he was okay...except I had already modified the miniature when he answered me. As I told you, I am quite impulsive.Also I wanted him to be really happy. I think at one point,one of us thought the gun of the first try was better for this miniature. Jon wanted the weapons to be separate so you could choose the flamethrower or the shotgun or stick them to the backpack.

Now, all was needed was waiting for some casts and making the other members of the team.

It was a blast to work with Jon on that project. I hope you like the results.

One last thing: in case you think it's a pain to read me, english isn't my native language so please accept my apologies.

samedi 20 août 2011

Yant bodyguard

After two rather big minis,it's time to show a smaller guy. Little is known about the Yants.

vendredi 19 août 2011


Alakan is a very dangerous remote world where climatic conditions and predators are some of the deadliest in the federation. As its resources were available elsewhere in greater quantities and with less effort, nobody really cared for that planet except for a few rich travellers with a desire for adventure in the wild and some biologists.
Because of unfortunate safaris and their fatal consequences for the hunters but most importantly thanks to the studies made on them,the Alakanii are now considered a sentient species and were included in the galactic community. under its protection.
The Alakanii have several unique traits.Many of them have yet to be fathomed out so the Alakanii are often considered as magical beings or psychics by superstitous individuals. Despite their peaceful nature, the Alakanii can be formidable opponents. Although primitve, they are actually very intelligent. Their carapace and strong  four-jointed arms have proven to be useful in times of war against well-equipped armies and many soldiers who fought them learned to fear the "silent bumblebees" or "the thirteen-eyes".
The Alakanii are an isolationist race but individuals or small groups can be found off-world as travellers,workers or as soldiers.
This one is a civilian. Perhaps some sort of priest or leader.

First post: cyber girl during shoot-out.

I still need to figure out how to add things like links to cool blogs and all but here are some pictures of a girl I made recently. She is 18,5 mm so it's a tall girl. Think Sigourney in power armor.Actually since she is on her toes,she is even taller than that.