jeudi 1 septembre 2011

Something for a change

Every first day of the month, I will show different things: sculpts of another genre or scale, "computer sculpts", painted miniatures or some doodles. This way, I already have excuses for the 1st january or 1st april and I'll just pretend I was drunk or it was a joke in case this is terrible.

Today I don't have neither excuse nor anything new to show so I hope you'll forgive me for those doodles made eight years ago.Well, if you don't, it's my blog after all. :D

2 commentaires:

  1. The Overlord in picture 6 is interesting - reminds me a little of Jack Kirby's New Gods comics from the 80's (?). Be nice to see him in a more dynamic pose.

  2. Monowheels FTW.

    and a taste of what I'm yearning for: I like bipedal, radially symetrical figs as much as the next bipedal radially symetrical guy...but what I really want is ALIENS. the bulbous fluty guy is getting there. Crab-dude is nice. But the aliens from Khurasan that you apparently had a hand in? unsettling, surprising, and what I'm looking for.