samedi 21 janvier 2012

First tank

Still working on some commissions and not much to show. However, when I am not sculpting with putty, I am sculpting. with the computer or the bread... I'll spare you the food sculpts because I eat them but I can show you the computer thingies.

I am no JBR or Coolhand but it's only my second "serious" sculpt with the computer and my first tank. Not sure it is a good excuse tho. That tank is largely inspired by some video game.

It will probably never become real since there are a few issues but hopefully the experience will have taught me a couple of things and it will be possible to print and cast my next attempt.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love it!

    It has a certain older school chic to it and evokes some of the designs from the older Battletech or Traveller 2300/2300 AD RPG.

  2. Very nice work. Glad to see you diversifying. Though I love your minis.

    It bears a familiarity with the CMG Kaamados Dominion Dragamaa Heavy Tank, but sleeker.


  3. Nice man! I very much like this design! if you start doing mecha, please let me know.