samedi 17 octobre 2015

Mariko and the Mobots

It's been a while since I posted something here.
I'm a beginner with the computer but it's a cool and exciting tool. Made those characters with 1:56/32 mm in mind.
They're all ready to print except the little one with the kamas/sickes because I don't want it. I can't wait to have them in hand.
Big bot is called Jingoro and the one with the lantern Sayu.
Thank you for your time. Let me know what you think please.

13 commentaires:

  1. It's not fair how good you are. Not. Fair.



  2. A great cast of characters. These couldn't look out of place in the Infinity game or for the upcoming Infinity RPG.
    I like them a lot!

  3. I like the "basket monk" headgear on the female warrior.

  4. loving the asiatic vibe - the choice of proportions and equipment. Agree with Allison on the head gear choice for the femme fatale. Great series of figures.

  5. You're vision manages to make it in to 3D once again. Really cool yet fun at the same time. Look forward to seeing how they materialise.

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