lundi 29 août 2011

Vött smuggler

Sho Olan started his carreer in the Vött army and then joined the federal legion a few years before the inclusion of humans in it. On the contrary of many Vötts ,he didn't resent for the loss of influence of his species within the galactic community and established ties with the humans. He soon realized that his knowledge of Vött military could be useful to breach the Earth blockade and began to bring back humans to their home for a living. Despite Sho is suspected by the Vötts and the authorities of smuggling, he has always succeeded in avoiding legal problems so far thanks to his skills or his complete lack of remorse when it comes to suppression of evidences by clearing out his passengers...

Suffering from an old wound during a brawl with a drunk Juvaab, Sho is thinking about some surgery or replacing his left eye with a cybernetic one. :D

I hope you like it since I have already made several other Vötts. Next one will be a soldier.

2 commentaires:

  1. very nice, who will be producing him?

  2. Excellent boulot!! Cela va de soi pour les précédents également.
    Un ptit col en haut de la veste réduirait la proéminence de la tête , mais je chipote :p .

    (Michael : sculpteur en herbe, de 28/32mm, qui ne comprend toujours comment l'on peut sculpter en 15mm :D )