mardi 23 août 2011


The Juvaabs are 7 feet tall and despite their appearance close to countless herbivores of many worlds, they tend to be rather agressive as individuals or as a group. They were included in the galactic community after several wars but are still responsible for many incidents like the hunting of the Alakanii or the almost complete annihilation of the Z'do.
This specimen is shown in traditional hunter outfit.

4 commentaires:

  1. This guy is interesting for the equipment he's carrying - the blanket roll across the back and the large pannie at his right hip. The double barrelled shooter is interesting, too. He almost wants a broad brimmed hat to bring out the trail rider a bit more.

  2. Great fig, PF. Lots of personality.


  3. I find all your sculpts very interesting, this is no exceptions.

  4. I can really get behind this alien. If I might rant a bit.

    I am tired of tough alien types always having to be covered in fangs, claws, spikes, etc. And alien does not have to be scary to be cool or touch looking.

    This fellow really looks like he can handle himself, despite resembling the child of a platapus and a donkey (and that is meant as praise).