vendredi 19 août 2011


Alakan is a very dangerous remote world where climatic conditions and predators are some of the deadliest in the federation. As its resources were available elsewhere in greater quantities and with less effort, nobody really cared for that planet except for a few rich travellers with a desire for adventure in the wild and some biologists.
Because of unfortunate safaris and their fatal consequences for the hunters but most importantly thanks to the studies made on them,the Alakanii are now considered a sentient species and were included in the galactic community. under its protection.
The Alakanii have several unique traits.Many of them have yet to be fathomed out so the Alakanii are often considered as magical beings or psychics by superstitous individuals. Despite their peaceful nature, the Alakanii can be formidable opponents. Although primitve, they are actually very intelligent. Their carapace and strong  four-jointed arms have proven to be useful in times of war against well-equipped armies and many soldiers who fought them learned to fear the "silent bumblebees" or "the thirteen-eyes".
The Alakanii are an isolationist race but individuals or small groups can be found off-world as travellers,workers or as soldiers.
This one is a civilian. Perhaps some sort of priest or leader.

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  1. A very unique and enigmatic race. I hope we will see more of them. I have to imagine that the legless flight does pose a few problems when determining alternate posing unless you resort to some sort of flight stand.


  2. Love it! have you contacted a manufacturer yet?

  3. Very interesting, I like it, your GS is very smooth.